Strategy and tactics
Media buying


  • Selection of a mobile analytics system and its implementation into a mobile application
  • Audit of current mobile analytics system settings for mobile apps
  • Creation and optimization of the event map for the mobile analytics system
  • Analysis of the correctness of deeplinks
  • Traffic of advertising campaigns: analysis, work with quality and objects
  • Development of reporting parameters (sales funnel, metrics, KPI)
  • Working with anti fraud systems: analysis, identification of types, work with sources, disabling fraud elements

Strategy and tactics

  • Analytics of the mobile advertising market based on data from key analytical projects (AppAnnie, Sensor Tower, AdMobiSpy, AppsFlyer and others)
  • Competitor analysis based on estimate-indicators and market analytics, as well as complex uploads from mobile stores
  • Creation of strategic maps and hypotheses
  • Audit of mobile applications (UI / UX) and web-sites
  • Selection of promotion channels based on the target audience of the product and the target audience of the channel
  • Determination of short-term and long-term KPIs (soft / hard)
  • Media planning for all sources


  • AppAnnie (work in stores)
  • Competitor analysis of Russian and foreign apps
  • Analysis of Russian and international markets
  • Target audience analysis
  • Audit of competitor placements
  • Audit of information materials of competitors

Media buying

  • Social networks: MyTarget, VK, TikTok, Twitter
  • Search engines: Google, Yandex, Apple Search Ads
  • Programmatic buying: Smadex, DV360, Moloco ads, Mintegral, Appnext, Applovin, Unity, AdCash
  • CPI-networks: more than 250 partners for media and programmatic buying (Taboola, Minimob, InMobi etc.)
  • Influencers: YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, Yandex.Zen, VK
  • Re-engagement: remarketing, retargeting and reactivation

ASO — app store optimization

  • Audit of current product optimization
  • Textual and visual optimisation
  • Promotion by keywords
  • Purchase of incentive installs to get into the TOP
  • Work with reviews and ratings
  • selection of the semantic core